Certification & Licences

The Australia Wide Personnel Group is Staffsure certified. Staffsure is a certification scheme built specifically for providers of on-hired staff (labour hire, temps, contractors) involving an audit of their employment practices. It is designed to give our clients assurance that they are dealing with a reputable & exploitation-free staffing provider. This is particularly relevant for companies operating in global or supermarket supply chains as modern slavery laws are introduced. Supermarkets and global companies are increasingly asking their suppliers to prove that the staff involved in producing their products are employed ethically and according to the law. This certification provides that proof and goes beyond a labour hire licence which does not require an audit. We see this as more relevant for us than other quality accreditation standards.

The components of the Staffsure audit include:

  • Work status & remuneration – we’re employing people with proper work rights and paying them correctly.
  • OH&S – we’re employing people safely
  • We’re fit & proper persons
  • We’re financially robust

Australia Wide also holds current labour hire licences in Victoria & Queensland.

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