Trades Recruitment – Market Commentary October 2023

This month, we hosted an event focused on “Managing an Aging Workforce” at our Mount Waverley office. Guest speaker Mark Stipic shared valuable insights. We’ve heard extensive feedback indicating that manufacturers are actively planning for the future, especially in terms of passing down knowledge and skills to the next generation. We organised this event to enhance our ability to assist and support our clients and industry sectors struggling with the current skills shortage.

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Industrial Electricians: We’ve observed a consistent flow of interest from potential candidates. Notably, there’s a discernible trend of Electricians opting for subcontracting opportunities, enticed by the lucrative rates on offer.

Maintenance Fitters: The number of applications continues to rise, signalling a positive trend in this area. There is still a clear preference of potential candidates seeking day shift roles over rotational shifts.

CNC Operators: We’ve noted a recent upswing in applications, though there has been a reduced demand for these roles over the past few months.

Welders and Boilermakers: The landscape for welding roles has shifted, now comprising a balanced mix of both permanent and casual positions. Retaining talent in these roles remains a challenge, primarily due to the elevated emphasis on competitive pay rates, particularly for Welders.

Field Service Technicians: Application levels have shown marked improvement, accompanied by an upward trend in client-side salary offerings. This has introduced heightened competition for top-tier candidates.

Heavy Vehicle Mechanics: A significant number of potential candidates are actively seeking sponsorships with some candidates willing to cover visa fees as an incentive to secure opportunities in this field. There continues to be a high number of light vehicle mechanics looking to up skill into the heavy vehicle industry.

These insights aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the current dynamics within each trade role, offering valuable information for both clients and candidates navigating the ever-evolving trades recruitment landscape.

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