The Australia Wide Personnel Group gains StaffSure Certification

The Australia Wide Personnel Group has completed an audit against the StaffSure Standard and have been granted StaffSure Certification.

What is StaffSure Certification?
StaffSure is a certification scheme developed by the RCSA and built specifically for providers of on-hired staff (Labour hire, temps, contractors). On-hired staffing companies are independently audited against an industry standard to verify that they are a reputable and exploitation-free staffing provider, complying with all relevant workplace laws. The StaffSure audit incorporates: – Work rights & paying correctly – OH&S systems (employing people safely) – Fit & proper persons test – Financial assurance

How is StaffSure Certification different to a Labour Hire Licence?
The main difference is that a Labour Hire Licence doesn’t usually require an audit to prove that the on-hired provider is a compliant employer. BTW, we also hold Labour Hire Licences StaffSure certification in Victoria & Queensland.     

What are the benefits for our clients? – Australia’s Modern Slavery Act requires larger companies to ensure that modern slavery is not occurring within their supply chains ie the companies supplying to them. StaffSure provides assurance that staff are employed in compliance with relevant workplace laws. – In times when payroll underpayments are regularly in the headlines, an independent auditor has found that we’re compliant in paying our on-hired staff. This should give our clients confidence that by dealing with Australia Wide, they won’t inadvertently be dragged into an underpayments scandal.

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