Trades Recruitment – Market Commentary June 2024

Welcome to the Trades Commentary for June 2024. Our specialist Trades recruiters, who are themselves fully qualified tradespeople, offer the following insights. If you seek further information or wish to explore our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Samantha Richter on 0413 783 157 or email

Trades Stats June 2024

A recent Seek survey of the Trades sector has highlighted and ranked factors most likely to entice Trades candidates to consider and accept a new role. Please see below in order of most highly regarded-

  1. Work-life Balance
  •        Additional leave on offer
  •        Flexible working hours
  •        Ability to take unpaid leave
  •        Time in lieu
  1. Salary & Compensation
  •         Paid Overtime
  •         Hourly rate
  •         Salary review period
  •         Bonus or profit share
  •        Car or car allowance
  1. Working Environment
  •         Working in a team
  •         Modern, up-to-date working space or equipment
  1. Job Security
  •         Permanent position
  •         Profitable company
  •         Low staff turnover


Welders and Boilermakers: Demand for Welders and Boilermakers remains high, with companies actively hiring despite cutting back on overtime. While experienced Welders command premium rates, there is a growing acceptance of 2nd Class Welders, and an influx of overseas candidates.

Industrial Electricians: Candidate applications have increased, however Electricians are increasingly selective, favoring roles with competitive pay, day shifts, work-life balance, and proximity to home. Companies with outdated EBAs struggle to attract talent, while those offering market value rates are more successful. There is a notable trend of domestic and commercial Electricians seeking to transition to industrial roles.

Maintenance Fitters: Similar to Electricians, Maintenance Fitters are in high demand and prioritise roles with good work-life balance and competitive pay. Companies with outdated EBAs face challenges in attracting and retaining quality Maintenance Fitters.

CNC Operators: While overseas applications are still common, certain metro areas see more local interest. Filling roles with specific requirements is difficult, and location and salary remain key drivers for candidates. Clients willing to train candidates with intermediate experience is proving to greatly assist with the skills shortage. 

Field Service Technicians: Applicant numbers have risen, but many lack the necessary skills or experience. Clients are seeking technicians who can hit the ground running, highlighting a mismatch between candidate qualifications and employer expectations. Due to this, length of time to fill these roles can be extended in comparison to other Trades type positions. 

Heavy Vehicle Mechanics: Candidate availability is low, but there’s a high influx of light vehicle mechanics seeking to transition into heavy vehicle roles. Unlike previous years, companies are less willing to upskill these mechanics, creating a potential opportunity for training providers. Additionally, many skilled visa holders are seeking permanent positions and sponsorship.

Auto Electricians, Spray Painters, Mechanical/Hydraulic Assemblers: Candidate availability is increasing slightly, but demand still over shadows supply. Available candidates are demanding higher wages than currently offered. Many skilled visa holders are seeking sponsorship, indicating a potential talent pool for employers willing to provide it.



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